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Catwalk Vs Fashion Models in Nashville

In places like Nashville, fashion models and catwalk models are often interchangeable, especially since fashion models will sometimes strut their stuff on the runway and catwalk models will sometimes pose for glamorous fashion shoots. Despite their similarities, there are some key differences between the two. Are you a fashion model or a catwalk model or are you lucky enough to be both?
Fashion Models in Nashville
Fashion models are models who work closely with photographers and designers, most likely in a studio or on-location. It’s a basic set up that you will see: a director, a producer, a photographer (or videographer), a set, and of course the glam squad in Nashville (A.K.A. stylists, hair and makeup artists, and the designer’s staff). Being photogenic in this case is probably the most important thing. Posing, knowing your good angles and how to position yourself in a way that is flattering for your body, for the angle of the camera, and for the angle of the light are all strengths of fashion models.
Cara Delevingne, a model hailing from England has decided to completely give up runway modeling for acting and fashion modeling. Instead of appearing at London Fashion Week, she has become the brand ambassador of a Swiss watch brand, TAG Heuer and she flaunted her striking features on the cover of American Vogue.
Fashion models, like catwalk models, are there to highlight a designer’s work; they’re there to demonstrate how the clothes or accessories look on a human figure. Together, they become a work of art--fashion meets beauty. The photographer’s job is to capture the perfect moment of that union in Nashville and to send it to the magazines, catalogues or other publications so they can show fashion-conscious people the latest styles.
Catwalk Models in Nashville
Catwalk modeling, also referred to as runway modeling, requires the ability to showcase a designer’s work while walking down a long platform, often done in front of a pretty extensive audience in Nashville. If you can walk backwards, spin, and impress a large group of industry people all while wearing a gorgeous piece of clothing, you are probably a catwalk model.
Nashville fashion designers will usually have a show twice a year to showcase their new collections to a group of buyers. These people are often the crux of the fashion industry and though it doesn’t reach as many people as editorials do, you are often in the presence of some very important figures.
Many catwalk models have backgrounds in dance; they are extremely graceful and can flaunt the hauttest couture while simultaneously striding down a platform. Rick Owens’ spring 2014 Collection during Paris Fashion Week was a perfect example of this---all of his models were professional dancers. Catwalk models also must be photogenic, but the most important quality a catwalk model must embody is, well their body. They have to combine fashion and movement. They will literally be a living, moving image of the designer’s desired look in Nashville.
So Where Do You Fit in Nashville?
Some supermodels, like Australian model Gemma Ward, rock the runway during Fashion Weeks and grace the cover of Vogue on the off-seasons in Nashville. Many models, especially supermodels, are experienced catwalk strutters and fashion photography visions. Whether you are agile, graceful and fierce on the catwalk or serene, photogenic and striking on camera, you have probably experienced a little of both elements of the fashion industry in Nashville. And if you know your strengths and are unabashedly fierce as only a fashion or a catwalk model, keep up the good work and make your career a success in Nashville.